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infoteam Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Hongyun Building, 3rd floor, Room 302

​Jiu Xian Qiao Mid-road, 26th Yard

CN-100015, Chaoyang District, Beijing




Phone: +86-10-56538661/62/63/64

Fax: +86-10-56538667

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注册地: 北京

税 号 1101 0855 4801 90X
账 号 0200 0045 0920 1047 408

Management - infoteam China

Jiang YunHao

Managing Director infoteam China

Board of directors - infoteam Germany

Joachim Strobel (CEO)
Michael Sperber (CTO)

Supervisory board - infoteam Germany

Dr. Wolfgang Brendel (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Reiner Anselstetter
Wolfgang Schleemilch


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