PLC software OpenPCS 2015 - based on ISaGRAF

OpenPCS 2015 is a perfect programming environment in accordance with IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 for programmable logic control systems with the highest requirements on modularity and flexibility. From adapting the tools and the handbook to suit your corporate design right up to integration of a complete system in existing infrastructures, OpenPCS 2015 offers everything you need for high-end control systems:

OpenPCS 2015 based on ISaGRAF

Reliable | Redundant | High-performance

Together with your engineers we determine your requirements for a control system, adapt the runtime to your controller and your requirements and provide you with the source code.

With your experts we develop suggestions for the realisation of your further demands, particularly on reliability, distributed communication and the mounting of further tools.

If you need additional software for your applications, we can integrate this in the workbench together with you so that your customers have a single software package available to them for all tasks.

OpenPCS 2015

OpenPCS 2015 contains an unlimited number of workbench installations. That makes it easy for you to offer the programming software to your customers free of charge, e.g., on the Internet.

The fixed annual licence fees facilitate billing and calculations. Thanks to the grading based on the number of controllers, you save hard cash in the start-up phase.

The most important features of OpenPCS 2015

In OpenPCS 2015 you receive an adapted version of the run-time in the source code for your control system.
The technical data at a glance:

  • Minimum 512 kB RAM
  • Minimum 512 kB Flash
  • Any operating systems
  • All standard processors
  • Local I/O, if available
  • Connection of existing field buses
  • Multitasking as per IEC 61131
  • Optional: redundant systems, IEC 61850

The workbench covers all the languages and data types of the IEC 61131. It can be used for the development of distributed applications in accordance with IEC 61499 and contains a high-performance project management system.

Our licence models are subject to annual licence fees, which are graded based on the number of controllers. You receive as many workbench copies as you wish.