Embedded systems

Embedded software is required to satisfy ever more complex demands that are being placed on mechatronic products and control systems. A feature of embedded systems is that they - often completely unknown to the user - can run the complex partial tasks of a whole system autonomously. In addition to these autonomous basic functions, the integration in a whole system translates to the most diverse of requirements on hardware and software. Realising their integrated, modular development requires well-founded expertise and a whole host of experience.

For example, in addition to a suitable operating system, those who have real-time requirements to satisfy also require a qualified software development environment. What's more, standardised communication protocols must be observed and integrated taking safety aspects into account to ensure

the connection of input and output devices and the increasing networking of embedded systems. We are on hand at all stages to assist you with our expertise and experience. We take care of designing and implementing your software exactly for your specific requirements.

Quick and flexible with infoteam's software

With OpenMPC you receive a high-performance tool for programming embedded systems. The whole control loop can be finished in 0.1ms and programming languages of the IEC 61131-3 are available to you in this respect.

In addition, you can also implement systems in accordance with the IEC 61499 in one and the same application with OpenPCS. OpenPCS makes it possible to set up a safety-critical control system in accordance with IEC 61508 (SIL 3) and design a redundant solution to ensure system reliability

High level languages | Development environments

At infoteam we develop customer-specific software solutions for embedded systems, predominantly in the languages C and C++ and have a wealth of experience with a large number of development environments to draw on.

Examples of this are Code Composer, GNU gcc, Green Hills, Keil, Lauterbach, Metrowerks, Microsoft, Tasking, Wind River, ADS Code Warrior, Borland, Microtec, CAD-UL, DIAB, HiWare, Mikrotek, IAR, Microtech, Organon, VisualDSP, Watcom and winIDEA.

Operating systems | Field buses

We have already worked with the most varied of operating systems in our projects, e.g.: Linux (different distributions), Linux kernel expansion Xenomai/RTAI for real-time systems, VxWorks, QNX and of course all systems in the Windows range, CMX, eCos, embOS, Euros, HyperKernel, KADAK, MEX, NetOS, Nucleus, OSE, pSOS, PXROS, RMOS, RTKernel, RTX, uClinux, uC/OS and VRTX.

infoteam is your competent partner for connecting specific communication protocols. We have many years of experience with a wide range of different field buses, including: CAN, CANopen, EtherCAT, Profibus, Profinet IO, SERCOS, KNX, Ethernet Powerlink, Foundation Fieldbus, HART, LON, Modbus and MVB.

HMI connection

If you need to connect your embedded systems to an HMI, we can also supply the right technology, irrespectively of whether you require connection of a standard HMI software via OPC/UA or a web-based solution.

We develop the corresponding servers or take over the development of a proprietary solution. A structured process provides your HMI with the necessary usability in accordance with EN/ISO 9241 that allows simple working with the embedded system.