Industry 4.0

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH has been active in the Internet of Things for nearly ten years and designs, develops and operates software and system solutions for the area of mobility, city, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, health, home and building. Since April 2017, Bosch Software Innovations GmbH cooperates with infoteam with focus on the implementation and customer-specific customisation of Bosch standard products in the IoT-field. infoteam is the exclusive strategic software-partner for Bosch IoT-products throughout asia.

Collecting and analysing production data and machine data

Digitalisation is the basic prerequisite for the connection of production systems to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 applications. This enables e.g. controlling and analysing of production data for optimisation of production processes. As a cooperation partner of

Bosch Software Innovations GmbH we use the standard product "Production Performance Manager" and enhance it according to your requirements. This is how we realise customised software solutions by minimised development expenses.

Production Performance Manager

The Production Performance Manager (PPM) is an information and evaluation system. It records production and machine data in near real time, combines it in a visual representation and communicates defined events to production workers who are directly or indirectly affected.

PPM delegates rule based task digitally with the "Ticket Management Module", e.g. to start maintenance tasks or to provide aggregated production reports. infoteam connects machines, control systems and sensors with PPM and enlarges the PPM-reports with customised reports.

From connection to your infrastructure to customisation

As a partner of Bosch Software Innovations GmbH, we assist you fully throughout the deployment of the Production Performance Manager.

This includes phase 1 before and during the installation within an existing infrastructure as well as phase 2 during operation.

Phase 1: requirements engineering & installation

  • Requirements engineering
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Import adapters
  • Gateway integration
  • MES integration

Phase 2: maintenance & support

  • Data aggregation
  • Data analytics
  • Customisation of reports
  • Connection to Tableau
  • Integration of required enhancements
  • Maintenance
  • Employee training on the different software components