Construction machinery

infoteam's software features in a wide range of construction machinery and in the hydraulics industry. We can provide a complete range of control solutions, including high-performance controller runtime systems, HMI programming tools, communication interfaces and configuration tools. Our engineering tools provide all IEC 61131-3 programming languages and standard graphical interfaces to program HMI devices.

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A single tool that can support programming for multiple platforms

infoteam's software can be used in both ECU and mobile construction equipment. It supplies users with a free IEC 61131 development system, which also provides a complete solution for graphical HMI. Using infoteam's OpenPCS products will help customers to achieve a variety of complex debugging features such as setting breakpoints, single-step operations, variable observation and forcing variables. Our engineering tools support native code compilers such as Tricore, XC2XXX, ARM, DSP and CPU. So engineers can directly generate native code, which makes the whole system quicker and more efficient.

infoteam's SmartPLC software provides an open code solution with the source code at runtime side. Customers can add as many of their own custom function blocks or algorithms as they wish. Our engineering tools provide a more developed interface and the possibility for end users to add controller configuration files or other OEM tools.

Support for various communication protocols

Users can download the applications directly through the CAN or RS232 ports to the customer's hardware with CANOpen, J1939 or another protocol. The intelligent PLC created by infoteam's runtime system can exchange the date through many bus system as well as many communication protocols, which make controller become more flexible with various construction devices, and simplifies the complex communication protocols.

We also integrated the bus configuration functions in the infoteam engineering tools; these can define all node information in the control bus. For example, the workbench can import a DCF file for CANopen protocols and the system will create all variables automatically. After that the application engineer can use those variables directly. In the end the program and the configuration file will be downloaded to the PLC.

Quick and user-friendly HMI programming

Programming of HMI or SCADA can be done directly in OpenPCS software. All of the operations can be accessed with a user-friendly graphical programming tool. The software can also be used for embedded screens or using a Web browser to access a Web server on a remote PC as well as handheld tablet devices. By using optimised code, the HMI's runtime software needs fewer resources on the embedded system and, as a result, the internal memory of the CPU can be fully exploited for visual programming. Moreover, the runtime software can also support the visual program without the operating system and, thanks to the optimised code, wil reduce the overall boot time to less than 10 seconds.

Some commonly used hardware and operating system OS:

  • RTOS
  • Linux
  • WinCE
  • μCOS

Hardware platform:

  • ARM7, ARM9, ARM11
  • CortexM3, CortexM4
  • CortexA8, CortexA9
  • X86
  • PowerPC

Our competencies

Mechatronic systems determine the usage of more embedded devices.The diverse requirements towards functionality, performance, networking and safety come along with different hardware, operating systems and field busses. This demands a comprehensive know-how.
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