Cooperations, Partnerships and Memberships

Implemented innovation management: Customised, high-quality software development is a challenge which can only be approached with an interplay of diverse perspectives, skills and reliable partners. Our cooperations and participation in networks and industry associations offer the necessary platforms for learning and benefiting from each other. Thanks to these successful partnerships, we are blazing new paths to create long-term and sustainable innovations.


We cooperate with reliable partners to develop innovative software.

RTOS--QNX® Neutrino® RTOS is a full-featured, multi-core operating system with advanced security and fault containment mechanisms built directly into the OS and kernel, and flexible graphics technologies.


SpiderControl, the high-end visualisation system from iniNet works together with OpenPCS 2010 and with OpenPCS 2012.


The EtherCAT solution from KoenigPA, comprising the stack (master and slave) and configurator, works together with OpenPCS 2015.


SYS TEC electronic GmbH offers customer-specific hardware. The CANopen stack from SYS TEC works together with OpenPCS V.6 and OpenPCS 2015.

The IEC 61131-compliant and IEC 61499-compliant programming system from ISaGRAF forms the basis of OpenPCS 2015.


The IEC 61850 stack from SystemCorp works together with OpenPCS V.6 and OpenPCS 2015.


Motrotech delivers EtherCAT stack, PCI/PC104 motion control cards, programmable servo amplifiers, I/O modules. ISA I/O Boards.


Profibus Boards, embedded motion controllers, PC based controller, high Speed DSP boards.

Changsha XZTY Co.

Real-time linux, PC based controller, CPCI CPU board and IOs. Rack and Power supply, HMI and SCADA.

AST Co.Ltd

Embedded systems design, Industrial automation engineering design, Experimental physics system development and other various regions.

Based on the partnership with BOSCH Software Innovations, a set of software products in the IoT environment, such as the BOSCH IoT Suite or the production performance manager (PPM), become available for infoteam and its customers.