We offer the complete portfolio starting from system planning and software development until ready-to-use individually tailored product. Naturally we offer customer specific services meeting the highest standard. Quality assurance of our products and services are treated top priority. This is essential since they need to stand up to the high requirements of our customers.

Our products:

FlexiSafe® – the SIL-certified system

The FlexiSafe® solution offers a concept which ideally combines safety and non-safety functionality and supports distributed applications as well as condensing safety management and application lifecycle management within one tool.
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OpenPCS 2015

PLC software OpenPCS 2015 - based on ISaGRAF

OpenPCS 2015 is the IEC 61131-3 and IEC 61499 standard-compliant programming environment for programmable logic control devices (PLC). OpenPCS 2015 offers everything you need for high-end controls and meets the highest requirements towards modularity and flexibility.

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