Multiple processor control software OpenMPC

infoteam software as the world's leading controller software provider, supplies a vast range of programming software for embedded controllers. Users' hardware combined with our software will truly meet the needs of complex applications. OpenMPC offers more than just standard IEC61131-3 programming software on the customer's hardware, it also realises real-time interruption tasks and a precise timing of minimum execution cycles from about 100µs. At the hardware level, OpenMPC has a real multitasking concurrent execution as well as multiple CPU multi-threaded execution operations. OpenMPC is used in different areas, such as in electric power, iron and steel, trains, ships, multiple-CPU or large-scale parallel computing control projects.

OEM solutions

As well as the standard version of OpenMPC, the software can also can be customised according to customer's requirements, such as by changing the label or name or adding the user's own control algorithms. We can also integrate several add-on tools and control libraries in the same environment. infoteam's customised and complete development process allows the user to to participate fully in the project development process.

This doesn't only allow users to quickly become familiar with the details of the software, but also helps users to build their own project development team to facilitate future needs. Moreover, we can provide complete technical support services for our customers in order to help users keep the software in good condition by themselves. Our customers always retain the core experience of our applications and algorithms to ensure that all the property rights and rights of use are administrated in an appropriate way.

Superior performance

For particularly complex control object, a single CPU has been unable to meet the demand; the system must be using more than one CPU to work. In some cases, control cycle and data related to the need to ensure data integrity, consistency, while other cases require fast processing of data.

infoteam software design in the industrial sector has a wealth of experience because it considered all the details of this complex needs.

Adaption evaluation

Please tell us your requirements and framework conditions; we will explain your situation with regard to your OpenMPC programming system and real-time system architecture. We can work together to develop a schedule of technical concepts and processes in the future.

The runtime was written by ANSI-C OpenMPC, to offer a greater portability. Therefore, it can be easily ported to your operating system and hardware platform to meet your specific needs. We will cooperate with your experts, and aunch OpenMPC as the first step in building your control system.