iAutomation – web-based visualisation

iAutomation stands for the intuitive and user-friendly control of industrial and building applications via smartphones and tablets. Software development for these applications is faced with the challenge of depicting complex contents on mobile end devices in an appropriate manner. Detailed interfaces which can be precisely operated with a mouse on PCs are not necessary for tablets and smartphones.  New operating concepts do justice to the new demands on user friendliness. Users want to complete their technical tasks reliably by operating the software intuitively and without a period of adjustment. When all is said and done, operating the system shouldn't be an uncomfortable experience.

Competitive advantage thanks to device-optimised software

If the software is optimised for mobile end devices, there are obvious competitive advantages:

  • No training costs
  • Avoidance of operating errors
  • Shorter downtimes
  • Mobile devices are available everywhere and at all times (keyword: BYOD – bring your own device)
  • Web technology creates investment security

With iAutomation infoteam offers a whole range of solution approaches with the most diverse of development tools for numerous target platforms and operating systems:

  • Individual, native development (Java for Android, C# for Windows RT/8, ObjectiveC for iOS)
  • Use of cross compilers (Mono, MonoDroid, MonoTouch, PhoneGap)
  • Web-based development for all popular Internet browsers with HTML5 and CSS3

Thanks to the broad spectrum of application possibilities of the web-based solution, this approach is favoured in a range of sectors.

Independent of browser and operating system

The iAutomation technology is based on a web architecture where the front end runs in the browser while the computationally intensive tasks are outsourced to the web server. This means that even basic end devices are suitable for complex applications.

In this scenario, the data security and scalability are also the responsibility of the web server, which is under the control of the service provider. If necessary, the server can also provide the connection to the industrial or building control system.

The interaction concept on which everything is based and the user interface are individually adapted to suit your application and tailored to the your requirements and those of your intended users. This guarantees the success of your software. We have a wealth of experience in the development of apps and web applications based on the iAutomation tool kit from infoteam. Examples of our projects range from intranet applications to the product configurator for end customers, from simple visualisation up to complex graphic editors on the Internet.