Reliable software systems are necessary in many areas for transportation vehicles, for example in the train control systems, brakes, signal control systems and communication technologies. To handle these, the world's leading manufacturers of transportation technology develop control systems using infoteam system solutions.

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Success in transportation

As China's economy continues to develop, the country's urban population is facing increasing pressures in terms of urban public transport. Regular traffic has been hard to bear, and as a result Chinese cities find themselves in a critical period and must speed up the construction of their mass transit systems. From control to drive automation, products and industrial applications have become cumulative in the rail transportation industry. In this independent system, multiple subsystems are related to automation products. infoteam is developing software for the core of the locomotive control system with domestic companies as well as traction and control systems that determine a vehicle's performance and quality.

Traction systems determine the carrying capacity of trains and a stable running network control system commands and controls the running trains. High-power electric locomotives and EMUs, like the urban rail vehicle traction and door control systems, are assumed in network controlled systems too. In the shipping industry we are collaborating with domestic companys to establish automation software, which is the basis for ship control systems, engine monitoring systems, integrated drive systems, cargo monitoring systems and management information systems as well as unmanned aircrafts.

Software and customer service in transportation

For complex multi-CPU systems, infoteam provides a real-time multi-CPU to execute and pre-emptively interrupt control software concurrently. Our software supports redundancy management and is cross-system compatible, meaningt that it works with almost all of the CPU and operating systems on the market. The graphical user interface of infoteam software is alsways designed in consultation with our customers to fulfil all the requirements of industrial system operators. With real-time data monitoring functions and backward compatibility with the standard IEC 61131-3 language, mainly used by the enhanced CFC development programming tools, the software can be used in a wide range of applications. infoteam software also does not require separate hardware for programming and debugging and does not limit the number of I/O. Additionally, our software provides usage on online emulators, offers an OEM library and online monitoring as well as fault diagnosis functions. 

infoteam offers a complete, secure control system for railway technology, comprising hardware, an operating system and a programming system based on DIN EN 50128 at SiL 4 level. The Echelon Corporation has appropriate products and services for you to choose from. For small and medium control systems, infoteam provides support to 5 programming languages and also includes integrated project management tools to help you seamlessly put together and manage complex projects. In addition to the standard IEC 61131-3-compatible functions, we provide a number of factory-defined functions and use network variables. CANopen features can also be used as part of the PLC program to access PLC (local or remote maintenance). You can select the RS232, CAN bus or Ethernet as required.

infoteam currently employs nearly 200 people worldwide, in order to give customers better support wherever the happen to be, even in China. Established in 2005 as a development team in China, the subsidiary in Beijing was turned into a spin-off and named infoteam Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2010. For customers in south-east Asia a team of 12 employees is available in Beijing to provide fast and effective support. Due to our experience on the Asian market, we are familiar with the various project development processes.

Project feasibility analysis, project delivery and maintenance are completely cordinated in China. Given the close cooperation between infoteam China and infoteam Germany, all customers can also rely on the same certified quality standards for all infoteam software worldwide. Another benefit for our customers is the opportunity to participate in the whole engineering process with the flexibility of making a contribution to every phase of a project.

Our competencies:

FlexiSafe® – the SIL-certified system

The FlexiSafe® solution offers a concept which ideally combines safety and non-safety functionality and supports distributed applications as well as condensing safety management and application lifecycle management within one tool.

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Mechatronic systems determine the usage of more embedded devices.The diverse requirements towards functionality, performance, networking and safety come along with different hardware, operating systems and field busses. This demands a comprehensive know-how.
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