Building automation

infoteam Software AG offers a comprehensive service portfolio for manufacturers of systems and components in building automation and building services engineering and lighting engineering. Together with our customers we develop customised solutions and modern interaction concepts with state-of-the-art technologies.

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Software for building automation

The requirements on quality, reliability, ergonomics and design are higher today than they have ever been. The stability and perfect functioning of software is paramount. To guarantee the reliability of the system for years, software is required which can be proven to be extremely robust.

Software solutions for building automation must be up to date and remain so under rough conditions and in the field. The user must be able to operate the building control system simply, intuitively and reliably at all times. Our many years of experience in complex software projects help us to understand the user’s language as well as his problems and wishes. In cooperation with you, we find the perfect solution without further ado.

infoteam Software AG develops user-friendly configuration tools for embedded systems e.g., software tools for the visualisation and parametrisation with the help of mobile end devices such as smartphones and tablets. In addition, we also create firmware for building control systems and suitable communication drivers. When doing so, user authentication and data security are of particular importance, especially for remote access to the building. After all, you don't want your neighbour to be able to control your blinds.

Intuitive user interfaces for building control

Interactive human-machine communication combines with intuitive user interfaces that are familiar to all tablet or smartphone users. The intelligent jacks of all trades are now being used as remote control and monitoring devices. All the functions and applications can be viewed clearly and quickly from anywhere. Our user-friendly interfaces reduce operating errors and ultimately also system downtimes. Instruction and training expenses for users can be minimised. In addition to controlling the functions, it is also possible to manage and minimise buildings' energy consumption.

We take care of the professional development of software for embedded and mechatronic software e.g., for building system technology, sensors and actuators. We are the professionals in the discipline of embedded software engineering.

We are gladly at your disposal for the construction, implementation and installation of test systems for the test automation and perform automatic tests of software and systems with the standard tools employed on the market. We develop appropriate strategies for you and in cooperation with you to optimise the quality of your products' software.

With the help of our programming environment OpenPCS we realise the control and monitoring of commercial and industrial premises, for example, in accordance with IEC 61131 and IEC 61499.

We flexibly accommodate for lacking resources in your project team. We assist you by taking on subtasks and taking charge of the entire software development project – based on the V model or also in accordance with agile processes – from the beginning right to the very end. We also develop the right software tools for you, employing Open Source software as well – always with the aim of keeping the time involved and costs as low as possible for you. Our service portfolio is complemented by consulting services, specialised workshops and training sessions.

Deciding on infoteam as a suitable software service provider opens up a wide range of possibilities to you for a cooperation, both as a subsection or extended workbench and based on the efforts deployed or for a fixed price.

Our competencies:

Mechatronic systems determine the usage of more embedded devices.The diverse requirements towards functionality, performance, networking and safety come along with different hardware, operating systems and field busses. This demands a comprehensive know-how.
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