With 10 years of experience and lots of customers in the Chinese energy industry, infoteam's software is deployed in power generation, transmission and distribution processes. Our main products designed for China's energy industry are the OpenPCS, OpenMPC and the OpenPCS redundancy. With these products we can offer the control solutions for the PTD, HVDC, LHVDC, SVG, SVC and DCS to meet their requirements. We also finished the program about managing solar and wind energy. infoteam is now the leading provider of control solutions in the Chinese energy industry.

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Success in Energy

China is in an important period of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation. Clean and easy-to-use energy plays a very important role in industry and for the national economy. It is indispensable for the nation's prosperity and people's levels of well-being, which indicate a surge in motivation. As a software company for production and distribution, we offer a wide range of products and services. We are also leading the field in power plant DCS systems by offering the redundant functions like graphical language used for application programming, local or remote fieldbus connections and an input/output unit with redundant hot backup system capability. If the primary system fails to control, you can switch the system off automatically in less than 5 milliseconds and establish redundancy again after replacing without manual intervention. In the field of power transmission and transformation large amounts of electricity could have a lower loss by using the technology of high voltage direct current (HVDC). Large power grids can also double the energy conversion. Plant control requires powerful computing capacity and secure software.

To this end, infoteam Germany and Echelon software founded a subsidiary in Beijing to enable cooperation and help development of HVDC control systems in China. In some small-scale electricity PLC, RTU or SVC, SVG devices, Echelon software also has a wide range of applications on offer.

Software for Energy

For complex multi-CPU systems, infoteam provides a real-time multi-CPU to execute and pre-emptively interrupt control software concurrently. Our software supports redundancy management and is cross-system compatible, meaning that it works with almost all of the CPU and operating systems on the market. The graphical user interface of infoteam software is alsways designed in consultation with our customers to fulfil all the requirements of industrial system operators. With real-time data monitoring functions and backward compatibility with the standard IEC61131-3 language, mainly used by the enhanced CFC development programming tools, our software can be used in a wide range of applications. infoteam software also does not require hardware for programming and debugging and does not limit the number of I/O. 

The software also provides the usage on online emulators, offers an OEM library and online monitoring as well a fault diagnosis functions. For small and medium control systems, infoteam offers support for up to 5 programming languages and also includes integrated project management tools to help you seamlessly put together and manage complex projects. In addition to the standard IEC 61131-3-compatible functions, we provide a number of factory-defined functions and industry and we use network variables. CANopen features can also be used as part of the PLC program to access PLC (local or remote maintenance). You can select the RS232, CAN bus or Ethernet as required.

Our competencies:

Embedded systems

Mechatronic systems determine the usage of more embedded devices.The diverse requirements towards functionality, performance, networking and safety come along with different hardware, operating systems and field busses. This demands a comprehensive know-how.