In recent years, with the developments and progress in the automation technology of China's iron and steel industry, infoteam's rapid process computer control system is widely used in all areas of metallurgy production, especially in the field of sheet steel manufacture. infoteam's control software has developed at high speed and achieved great success. At present, in automatic control of the hot continuous rolling mill, we already have a complete software and hardware control system with independent intellectual property. 


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Handling market requirements

infoteam offers complete solutions for your products' software system components on the one hand and supports you in the implementation of your software projects on the other, from requirements analyses and usability engineering to software development and verification, including automated series of tests, right through to customer service and support. The demands on the manufacturers and users in the metallurgy segment are constantly increasing: infoteam provides the functional demands on software with carefully selected hardware components for all kinds of applications.

As metallurgy environments are often harsh and narrow, computers in transportation applications must be robust and compact. infoteam can supply all kinds of hardware boards for metallurgy, which include high performance CPU boards: PowerPC and X86, digital and analogue inputs and outputs, communication boards, shared memory boards, power supplies and racks. A reliable software solution is also indispensable in the rough conditions present in the metallurgy field. 

Software levels for metallurgy

To confirm different demands, infoteam offers two levels of software.

L1 level software:

  • Micro tension control and reversible rolling control
  • Heat coil box control
  • Flying shears control
  • Speed control
  • Hydraulic mill Looper height and tension control
  • Hydraulic controlled HAPC and finishing HAGC control
  • Panel control ASC
  • Final rolling temperature and coiling temperature control (CTC)
  • The winding speed hydraulic wrapper roll tension control
  • Automatic time control (AJC)



L2 process control software:

  • Slab rolling plan and initial data management
  • Data tracking
  • Rolling rhythm of reheating furnace calculation
  • Set calculation and simulation rolling mill, roll data and production data management
  • Daily records, engineering- and production-reports (containing quality reports) and other types of reports

Our competencies: